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The cultivars that give life to this oil are Frantoilo, Leccino,Pendolino and Casaliva (local variety of the Frantoio cultivar)

The oil has an intense, clear golden yellow color,Its aroma is ample and complex, with harmonic notes of fresh field herbs, lettuce, citrus fruits and  floral scent of lavander.

The taste is fine , with tones of unripe tomato. ripe banana and almond closure.

Bitter and spicy content and sweet in evidence.

It is excellent on vegetable salads, au gratin molluscs, spelled soups, first courses with shellfish, boiled fish, grilled white meats and fresh cheeses.


Bottle 250 ml €8.00

Botte 500 ml €15.00

Bottle 750 ml €21.00
Demijohn 3lt. €66.00

Demijhon 5lt €110.00



Oil produced by a single cultivar, the FS17, obtained by free pollination of the Frantoio cultivar by the Research Institute on Olive Growing  of the CNR of Perugia (IRO CNR 1165nv)

The oil has an intense golden yellow color with greenish hues, clear;the nose is thin and composed, with hints of artichoke, celery, chicory and balsamic tones of basil and mint.

Soft and harmonius in taste, it has note of lettuce, parsley and fruity memory of white apple and almond

Bitter present and measured pungency.

Ideal on chickpea appetizers, fish carpaccio,corstaceus marinades, boiled potatoes, pea purèe, risotto with asparagus, fried vegetables, fish tartar, fresh soft cheeses and levaned desserts



Bottle 500ml €15.00


The elegant gift box can be prepared according to the taste of the customer in the following compositions:

1 single bottle DOP 0,50 lt./0,75 lt
1 single bottle FS17 0,50 lt
1 single bottle extra virgin 0,50 lt/0,75 lt
2 bottles DOP 0,50 lt/0,75 lt
2 bottles FS17 0,50 lt
2 bottles extra virgin 0,50 lt/0,75 lt
3 bottles DOP 0,50 lt.
3 bottles extra virgin 0,50 lt
3 bottles: 2 DOP and1 FS 17 0,50 lt
3 bottles DOP: 0,25lt, 0,50 and 0,75 lt.
3 bottles: 2 DOP (0,25lt and 0,75 lt) and 1 FS 17 0,50 lt